To prepare each student for college success.

At PrepNet, much is expected from you and your child, and much can be gained in return. Our enthusiastic teachers and challenging curriculum give students a chance to achieve a level of excellence that leads directly to college entrance and success. We also focus on moral character, knowing that it is every bit as vital to a child's growth as his or her academic accomplishments.

PrepNet schools educate, support and guide students all the way through high school graduation. This begins with each student performing at the high level defined by the College Board's and State of Michigan's education standards. By providing a comprehensive system of support, we are committed to ensuring the best possible outcome.

Core Values
At PrepNet, Four R's guide our programs and daily instruction.

Our graduates will complete AP coursework and earn college acceptance. Our graduates will read well, write clearly and coherently, study effectively, reason soundly and question thoughtfully. End of term comprehensive exams covering the essential learning in each core subject will determine advancement to the next level. We will give students every opportunity to learn and succeed.

We will develop knowledge, skills and understanding that can be applied to realistic tasks and real-world settings. We will bring curiosity, challenge, joy and a sense of accomplishment into your child's life. We will promote a range of lifelong skills and knowledge -- literary, linguistic, athletic, artistic, scientific, mathematical and historical.

We look for parent partnership and agreement with our mission in order to help your child succeed. This requires a personal commitment to serious academic challenge. When values and a good work ethic are demonstrated by parents at home, it leads to success for students in school. To support the process, our administrators and counselors will be visible and accessible to students and parents. We will strive to give students the tools they need to achieve success in school and in life.

Our curriculum will include service learning opportunities and completion of community service projects. By stressing good values, positive behavior and moral conscience, students will hold themselves accountable for their actions. Students will have a true sense of direction for college and career. Teachers and staff will serve as models of responsibility and moral focus by exhibiting competence, compassion, consistence, courtesy and accountability.