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9th - 12th Grade

High school is one of your child's most significant periods of personal growth and discovery. They now have the skills to nurture their academic strengths and interests, explore complex ideas, and make connections between the material they study in all subject areas and their personal lives. Building on previous knowledge and skills, students can apply higher-level thinking to reach beyond the classroom. They analyze and question the world around them, as they prepare for high school, college, and careers. Equipped with a solid moral and academic foundation, students are ready to succeed.

College & Community

Advanced Placement Courses

PrepNet Virtual Academy offers a rich and challenging curriculum for academically motivated students. We offer Advanced Placement courses and require students to take at least two during high school. We believe this sets them up for success, and to begin their college career ahead of the game.

Community Service

Even though our classroom experience is fully virtual, we want our students to be connected to their local communities. We ask each student give back to their communities by completing at least 60 hours (15 hours per year of enrollment) of in-person community service.

Graduation Requirements

On top of a minimum of 60 hours of community service, we also require students to assemble a portfolio showcasing their coursework, and apply and be accepted to a four-year college or university.

Students graduating

Early College Program

We’re proud to offer an Early College program — a five-year educational plan that allows students to earn high school diploma and an associate degree or certificate — for free.

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